Molson Coors Brewing Company

Update: SABMiller and Molson Coors are combining their U.S. operations into MillerCoors.

In 1873, Adolph Coors and Jacob Schueler found the Golden Brewery in Golden, Colorado [Robertson], later the Adolph Coors Company. In 2002, Coors acquired Bass Holdings Ltd. (including the Carling business in England and Wales) from Interbrew S.A., and created Coors Brewers Limited.

After a partnership, including Coors Canada and Molson USA, Coors and Molson merged in February 2005 to form the Molson Coors Brewing Company.

U.S. Beers

Blue Moon, WWW.

Was made by F.X. Matt for Unibev, in a deal that included Coors distribution for Matt's Saranac line. Blue Moon compared very favorably with Celis. By 1997, there were seven ales in the line, which retrenched to just the Belgian White before re-expaning.

Coors Light. WWW.

Since 1978.

Coors Original. WWW.

For quite some time, Coors insisted that their unpasteurized product be kept continuously chilled, and would not ship past the Mississippi. Periodically called Coors Banquet Beer. If you think Coors is watery, try Coors Light.

Extra Gold Lager.

Keystone. WWW.

A wide range of fairly bland beers. (Light, Ice, Premium at the moment.)

Killian's Irish Red. WWW.

When the G.H. Lett brewery in County Wexford closed in 1956, the Killian's name was licensed to a French company and eventually to Coors [Jackson-2]. Any resemblance to the original Ruby Ale is probably coincidental.

You can find a Killian's Red picture archive on the web.

Molson Canadian. .

I think they've finally quite selling Molson Ice in the U.S. I guess I should check.


An annual Christmas Beer. Pretty good.


Features all of the alcohol and calories of beer without any of the taste. Curently in citrus, tangerine, and pineapple citrus. Black cherry and green apple probably won't be missed.

Former Beers

Aspen Edge.

A poorly-reviewed low-carb beer.

Killian's Irish Brown Ale.

Really not that bad. This was my favorite Coors product.

Killian's Wildé Honey.

Better than many cheap beers, but disappointing after the Brown Ale. This beer has a general lack of character and the overall smoothness (blandness, perhaps) sometimes afforded by the use of honey. Compare to J.W. Dundee's, but Killian's feels just a bit less watery.

Memphis Brown

See the Real Beer Newsletter for information on Memphis Brown, a Tennesee-only Coors product.

SandLot Brewery

Coors-owned microbrewery at Coors Field in Denver.

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