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Welcome to the Cheap Beer Server, devoted to serving information about beers those uppity sites don't talk about. You could consider this the beginning of an online coffee table book about inexpensive American beers--price is a factor in listings, but all beers available in refillable deposit bottles are automatically eligible. While the information will concentrate on lesser-known and regional brands, there's also room for those popular national brands.

Note that this is a site for news, reviews, and commentary. I am not a representative for any of these brewers.

FYI, this site isn't being updated, but is being left online as a piece of personal history.

This is, of course, all hideously out of date. I'll update it some day. For now, note:

Please send all comments, suggestions and contributions to I'm actually trying to work on this a bit now, at least sorting out the remnants of Strohs/Pabst/Heileman and such.

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